1 thought on “Spiritual Rambling – Waking up”

  1. Hi there. Really glad to listen to another podcasts release. It’s quite funny that I find myself so align with those theories you talk about how does existence works. Say existence, human experience on this world, this live,… however you want I call it. I haven’t taken much time to read and research from other sources, so sometimes I even question myself bein agree (are you, modern maniac street preacher of the XXI washing by brain??? Lol). Anyway, who cares, it makes so bloody sense to me! So i embrace this point of view up to the moment it won’t work any long we for me or I find a different one that transmits me this kind of vibration. I neither have much knowledge about chakras beyond their symbolism, color, sound and mantra associated, which, on the other hand, don’t mean much for me. Their functionalities and utilities as you explained sound coherent and I feel curious about going more in depth about this topic. So, just thanks again, it’s been a real pleasure to listen to you 🙂

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