3 thoughts on “Spiritual Rambling – Episode 21”

  1. Glad to see you have released another podcast! know what? i´m trying to set a workshop so to say, with a friend of mine, to walk this path you propone (i mean, the books and meditations you suggest on this website), the two of as at the time, and just share our feelings or ideas we have held during this process. God bless you an Mentxu.


    PD.- Ya me cambié el nombre en IG, aquello de @XXPPEE era impronunciable, jajaja. Ahora soy @Esperanza_yoga

  2. Hi again. I´ve just listened to this episode and wanted to share with you a book i´m currently reading, which is straightly related to this podacast. it´s “Non Violent Communication, by Marshall Rosemberg. He suggests to read any communication act in terms of needs, (normally it´s all about unfulfilled needs). Thus, when a person says for example a racist statement out loud, i would answer “you racist thing, bad guy” (which would be what you’ve said about ourself feeling superior, pointing the other person as idiot, inferior, bad…) but instead of it, he suggests me to find out his unfulfilled need behind that statement, so i can find the humanity in that person and connect with it, and provided this connection or empathy, i’m supposed to be able to show him a different way to fulfill those needs without using racism, so to say. Ufff, it´s tought even for me to express it, not to mention trying to perform it in the real world. Me trying to empathise with a racist, for example. It´s much easier to let my rage against him flow, and to convince myself that it´s impossible to reach any connection with people like that, nor getting them empathising with my feelings of respect for anyone, no matter where they come from.
    Anyway, i find that Rosemberg approach suits wonderfully with yours, and i´ll make my best to perform both of then when i find myself about to cray out “YOU IDIOT THING” to a person i my find as a trigger for any below-the-line feelings.

    Besos y abrazos desde Cartagena, España.

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